Constructed Response

Instructional Strategies

  • Teach students using Self-Regulated Strategy Development
  • Teach students a strategy for restating the question in the answer.
  • Teach students to highlight the question and its restatement in the answer.
  • Teach students to annotate as they read and then to use the annotations to support writing.
  • Have students highlight their evidence in their response.
  • Provide students with a rubric and ask them to self-assess.
  • Have students rate the strength of their own or a peer’s use of evidence.
  • Explicitly “unpack” strong constructed responses and ask students to identify these components.


  • Provide students with a word bank of Tier 3 words in the question.
  • Give students a checklist of necessary components for a constructed response (e.g. RACE).
  • Provide the student with scaffolded response frames (e.g. see Nancy Boyle’s response frames).

Additional Resources

Focus Area/Sample SMART Goal/Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan:

Focus Area

Sample SMART Goal

Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan

Constructed Response

Student will improve his ability to organize information to support his assertion from a rubric score of 2/8 to a score of ⅝ as measured by classroom-based constructed responses by April 2020.

Using a scaffolded response frame, teach the student the necessary components to a constructed response. In conjunction, teach the student to annotate while he/she reads and to use the annotations when writing a response. Use a constructed response rubric for the student to use in self-assessment. Teacher can use the rubric to compare and use in further instruction.

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