Instructional Strategies

  • Teach the most common prefixes and suffixes.
  • Use student’s root sight word vocabulary and teach the addition of prefixes/suffixes.
  • Have the student identify words he/she does not know to create a list of words to learn.
  • Have the student practice word attack skills with high interest material.
  • Introduce new words and their meanings to the student prior to reading new material.
  • Teach the student syllabication rules.
  • Employ repeated reading.
  • Use incremental rehearsal to teach sight words.


  • Avoid putting the student in uncomfortable reading situations
  • Access text through text-to-speech options.
  • Ensure that assessments measure the skill/concept of focus, rather than the student’s ability to decode the questions.
  • Reduce the amount of information on a page.
  • Provide materials at the student’s decoding level.
  • Allow the student to access speech-to-text functions.

Additional Resources

Focus Area/Sample SMART Goal/Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan:

Focus Area

Sample SMART Goal

Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan

Decoding: Phonics level

Student will improve the fluency of her accurate decoding of a single syllable word of at least 4 letters from 7 per minute to 20 as measured by a decodable word list by November, 2019.

Use the Just Words program 3x45 in a small group of 5 students 

Decoding: Multi-syllabic words

Student will improve his decoding of multi-syllabic words from 62% to 90% as measured by a nonsense word reading list (at least 10 words) by June 2020.

Use the Just Words program 3x45 in a small group of 5 students 

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