Instructional Strategies

  • Prioritize task activities and teach the student to prioritize his/her own tasks.
  • Shorten assignments. Gradually lengthen assignments as the student meets with success.
  • Have the student create a task list and check off when items are complete.
  • Be explicit about the amount of time to complete a task and the necessary steps or components.
  • Utilize and teach the student to use Guided Notes
  • Utilize a structured check in-check out (CICO) procedure (see link to google drive with resources at bottom of video)
  • Teach the student to follow the Goal-Obstacle-Plan-Do-Review Script:
    • What do you want to accomplish? What will it look like when done?
    • This might be hard because…
    • We need a plan. First we’ll do this, then this, and so on.
    • Do it
    • Review it. How did it work out? How could we make it better?


  • Highlight important words/concepts.
  • Specify the expectations for completion of the task. Provide a checklist or a rubric to scaffold completion.
  • Provide the student with one task/page at a time.
  • Provide a written list of the steps to completing the task.

Additional Resources

Focus Area/Sample SMART Goal/Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan:

Focus Area

Sample SMART Goal

Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan


Student will improve in planning for a complex task by organizing the task on paper, including the materials needed, the steps to accomplish the task, and a time frame for completion from 0/5 tasks to ⅗ tasks by January 2020.

  1. With the student, develop a sequenced checklist that outlines the steps to planning for a particular outcome
  2. Teach the student the specific steps 
  3. Fade the checklist

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