Rogers International Student Teams Earned Second and Third Place at 37th National Academic Championship

Stamford Public Schools (SPS) announced that Rogers International School sixth and seventh grade teams’ recently earned second and third places respectively at the  37th Annual National Academic Championship in Washington D.C. The students qualified for the competition at the Northeast Division Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, held earlier this year.

During the qualifying event, each of the 30 competing teams was required to take a 100 multiple-choice question computer test, which included math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature, English, history, general information and trivia. The test, taken as a team activity, requires all team members to participate around one computer. Each team gets two chances to answer the questions correctly, earning points for both speed and accuracy.

 National Academy Championship

Rogers’ Sixth Graders Owen Brooks, George Carr, Tommy Caviness, Andrea Cordulack, Matt Greco, Katelyn Laureano-Rikardsen, Mia Luciani, Bennett Schindelman and Caleb You placed fifth in the Northeast and sixth in the country for total points earned, qualifying them for the national competition. Rogers’ Seventh Graders Emma Argenio, Frank Bear, Grady Connell, Ronan Connell, Tyler Denison, Tallulah Lintern, Arush Rao, Lucas Tan, Kristina Yosypiv, and Tomas Zaleski earned first place in the Northeast and fifth in the country for overall points in the qualifying competition.

Under the direction of Rogers’ Teachers Michael Argenio and Cara Denison, the students traveled to Washington D.C. for the 37th Annual National Academic Championship. According to the rules of the organization, each of the two teams had to split into two separate teams (four teams total) to compete. The sixth grade team of Brooks, Cordulack, Luciani, Schindelman and You placed second overall in their division, while the seventh grade team of Argenio, Denison, Rao, Lintern, and Zaleski came in third.