Instructional Strategies

  • With the student, select a certain number (5-10) words that he/she wants to learn to spell that week. Teach the student the spelling rules for these words.
  • Emphasize and teach one rule of spelling until the student masters that rule, then move on to another rule.
  • Emphasize and teach one rule of capitalization or punctuation until the student masters that rule, then move on to another one.
  • Explicitly model the use of appropriate spelling and conventions.
  • Provide the student with sentences/paragraph with errors and have him/her correct them.


  • Allow the student to use spell check.
  • Create a “non-negotiable” list of words that the student is expected to spell correctly.
  • Allow the student to use speech-to-text functions.
  • Have the student create a personal dictionary of high frequency misspelled words to use as a reference.
  • Require the student to proofread his/her own writing based on a few pre-selected spelling or convention rules.
  • Only grade on the spelling of previously mastered words.
  • Use a checklist or have the student create a notebook of convention or spelling rules to structure the student’s editing of capitalization and end punctuation.

Additional Resources

Focus Area/Sample SMART Goal/Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan:

Focus Area

Sample SMART Goal

Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan


Student will improve his ability to make a simple outline for a selected topic from 0/5 times to ⅘ times as measured by permanent products by February 2020.

One structure at a time, teach the student the components of an organizer and the relationship to the content of that structure. Fade the instructional support needed to complete the organizer.



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