Time Management

Instructional Strategies

  • Help the student to break a task down into smaller components and set goals related to completion of the smaller components.
  • Create an organizational plan with the student prior to beginning an assignment.
  • Provide the student with count-downs. E.g. “There are 5 minutes left. You should be ____.”
  • Ensure the student knows the amount of allotted time for an assignment.
  • Work with the student to determine the conditions under which he/she works best. E.g. Work for 20 minutes then take a 5 minute break versus Complete this section, then take a 5 minute break.
  • Have the student create a task list and check off when items are complete.
  • Develop a system for what students should do while waiting for assistance or the next task.
  • Utilize a structured check in-check out (CICO) procedure (see link to google drive with resources at bottom of video)


  • Develop weekly/monthly calendars to keep track of important events, assignments, and due dates.
  • Provide the student with a timer for class assignments.
  • Give the student one task/paper at a time.

Additional Resources

Focus Area/Sample SMART Goal/Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan:

Focus Area

Sample SMART Goal

Sample Tier 2 Intervention Plan

Time Management

Student will estimate correctly how long it takes to complete homework assignments and will make and follow a written homework schedule at least four nights per week from 45% of the time to 80% of the time by June 2020.

  1. Select an upcoming task that is not wholly routine, but still familiar to the student
  2. With the student, create a plan/set of steps that need to be completed in order to accomplish the task
  3. Have the student estimate how long each step will take
  4. Have the student work through the steps, noting how much time the step actually took and problems and distractions that may have impacted completion
  5. Coach the student through strategies to reduce distractions and/or work through problems
  6. Set goals for amount of time needed to complete each step of future tasks


Time Management Student will improve her time on task from 10 minutes to 30 minutes as measured by the frequency of achieved tasks by December 20, 2019. Prior to independent work, teacher will work with student to set a measurable, discrete, and obtainable (but stretch) goal for expected work completion (e.g. number of problems, sentences, etc.) for the requested block of time (10 minutes for first few weeks, increased with success over time). Set timer for 10 minutes increments (for the first 4 weeks at least). Slowly increase the expectations for work. Teacher checks in at each 10 minutes mark  to provide praise/redirection as appropriate.

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